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Client Education;
Review of Government Biological Evidence and
DNA Analysis Findings

Understanding how a specimen was identified and utilized, from DNA extraction, quantification, amplification, electrophoresis, genotyping, and through statistical weighting is crucial for all prosecuting and defense attorneys. I can turn cryptic assertions in boilerplate DNA reports into graphically-annotated exhibits that will provide you with a complete visual and mental picture of any DNA result. You will come to understand the nature of the biological specimen, how much of it was consumed, how much DNA was recovered and remains, and what your options are for further investigation. You may expect to obtain full command of forensic biology and DNA analysis jargon, test methods, and statistical weighting such that you are more prepared than the other side.

Whether you are in criminal trial, post-conviction, or civil litigation, I can review the work product of the other side for accuracy and completeness/strengths and weaknesses.


Direct, Cross Examination, and Rebuttal Testimony Strategy

Expert Testimony Monitoring

I can assist with preparing or reviewing preliminary hearing and trial testimony; preparation of props and exhibits to enhance the jury's comprehension of scientific subject matter and sample results; and scripting specific questions to elicit the most appropriate, complete, and accurate testimony. I can monitor other expert witness direct examination testimony in person to enable real-time evaluation, fine-tune cross examination, and provide rebuttal.


Declaration and Affidavit Preparation;
Recommendations for Additional Testing;
False Conviction Damages Litigation

I have provided numerous declarations and affidavits to assist with obtaining access to physical evidence, prioritizing specimens for examination, optimizing the type of testing to be performed, and specifying a private laboratory of choice. I will appear in court hearings to provide direct testimony as necessary in support of such affidavits.

I have also provided affidavits, Rule 26 reports, depositions, and testimony in civil damages cases documenting flawed testing and its impact in false convictions.

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